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Permanent ISDN/IP Gateway DID Service

Do you have an IP based videoconferencing system (Polycom, LifeSize, Sony, Tandberg, AethraAre you using an IP based videoconferencing system but still need to communicate with ISDN based systems? Then our Virtual Permanent ISDN Service is for you. It gives you all the capabilities of standard ISDN with the convenience of IP. Plus it save s you money over fixed installed ISDN service and equipment. We will assign your equipment a direct inward bound dialing number (standard 10 digit phone number) which allows any ISDN videoconferencing system to dial you directly. In addition your IP based video system gains the ability to make an outgoing ISDN call at any time without the need to reserve a bridging service. You dial an ISDN videoconferencing site by dialing a prefix of i.e. 9384 (for 384kbps = 3 ISDN BRI Video call) + 1 + 10 digit ISDN number of the remote video system and you will be directly connected to the remote videoconferencing system. The other party will never know the difference.

This saves your organization from maintaining dedicated ISDN lines and from buying i.e. an ISDN module for your videoconferencing system. It also gives you the flexibility of not being tied to the ISDN lines that are installed in one conference room but rolling your VTC equipment to any room with IP connectivity. Setup is a matter of minutes. Up to 384kbps of ISDN service. ISDN Long Distance Charges for outgoing calls apply in addition, however, are priced very competitive of i.e. only 9 cents/minute/channel within the continental United States. Our international rates are also very competitive and might well be lower than what you are paying for dedicated service. Incoming calls are free.
ra etc.) yet still need to dial ISDN videoconferencing sites or receive calls from them on a more regular basis? Then this service is for you.

This service adds ad-hoc unscheduled and global ISDN dialing and receiving capabilities to your IP based videoconferencing system without the need to invest in ISDN hardware or get ISDN lines installed in your offices. We call it our virtual ISDN service – all the features without the price tag and much more flexibility.

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Price: $189.00


ISDN / IP Video Bridging Service - Pay as you go
IP (H.323) to ISDN (H.320) and ISDN to IP Gateway Bridging Service
Click here for complete details on our IP / ISDN Gateway Services.

Call us and we will connect the IP and ISDN based videoconferencing system manually as needed to bridge these systems together with voice and video. Please provide us with the IP address and ISDN number of the system(s) that you want us to connect together. We will perform a free site test to each site to confirm connectivity so you can rest assured that we deliver what we promise. In order to perform this free test you need to fill out our online registration form or fax or email us this form.

We can offer both dial-in and dial-out service. We can also automate the process to allow you to connect seamlessly to each other without the need to scheduling it each time. We have extensive knowledge and understanding of ISDN and dealing with equipment from a variety of manufacturers, understand the global dimension and have only one goal in mind – to deliver value and assure flawless audio and video delivery.

Transcoding and Rate Matching
Our ISDN gateway performs the audio transcoding to allow different videoconferencing systems, or systems running different software versions to communicate with each other to the best of their abilities. Use it in conjunction with our bridging service and we can connect sites with different speeds or bit rates (speed matching), resolution rates, frame rates and audio and video compression schemes (algorithms i.e. H.263, H.264). No longer do the systems conference at the lowest common denominator but rather each system is allowed to connect at its peak capability without compromising quality. We have the bandwidth to handle your high rate video calls using our high definition capable videoconferencing unit. Our hardware is hosted in a Tier1 data center with multiple redundant connections to assure the highest possible service rate.

Audio-only Add-On
Add Phone Only participants can be part of the audio portion of a videoconferencing call. Alternatively they can watch the event via live audio + video stream or participant via our freely downloadable, software only, videoconferencing client which includes NAT/Firewall transversal.
Desktop Videoconferencing Client

1.866.433.3874 or +1.678.999.6034 – Paul Bishop
1.888.213.4800 or +1.404.367.9289 – Werner Richter

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$60 / hour + ISDN Long Distance Charges
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